Canadian Pacific (CP) Modern Boxcars (2 Sheet Set) – O Scale Decals by Microscale

Microscale Item #48-1513 (MS48-1513)

Scale: O Scale
Condition: New


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About this product

Circa: 1970+

Scale: O Scale

Equipment Type: Boxcars

Instruction Sheet: 48-1513

Description: O Scale – Canadian Pacific (CP) Modern Boxcars (2 Sheet Set) – This set will cover a variety of Canadian Pacific modern boxcars with and without the CP Beaver Herald. CP began purchasing and rebuilding boxcars of both Plate Band Plate C clearances. CP would then rebuild the cars often raising the roofs of the Plate B cars to a Plate C. Many former Rail Box and other 1970s per diem cars were acquired by CP for this rebuild program and can still be found in service today. USE WITH: MC-4389 (Reflector Stripes), MC-5003 (Late COTS Panel)