Bundle Pack of Brown Styrene Plastic in a Variety of Shapes

Super Styrene by Midwest Products Item #015 (SSM015)

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About this product

This is an assortment of styrene products perfect for your next custom model build or just a great addition to your modeling supplies to have on hand.

It includes the following pieces as part of the bundle at a huge discount from the regular retail price.

SKU Name Price Qty Value
SSM-527-55 Brown Tube (.118″x.156″/3.0×4.0mm) 2pcs $2.33 3 $6.99
SSM-527-57 Brown Tube (.156″x.197″/4.0×5.0mm) 2pcs $2.33 4 $9.32
SSM-535-53 Brown Square Tube (.080″x.118″/2.0×3.0mm) 2pcs $2.33 2 $4.66
SSM-535-55 Brown Square Tube (.118″x.156″/3.0×4.0mm) 2pcs $2.33 3 $6.99
SSM-535-57 Brown Square Tube (.156″ x .197″/4.0 x 5.0mm) 2pcs $2.33 1 $2.33
SSM-543-53 Brown Rect. Tube (.080″x.156″/1.0×4.0mm) 2pcs $2.33 3 $6.99
SSM-543-55 Brown Rect. Tube (.118″x.236″/3.0×6.0mm) 2 pcs $2.33 4 $9.32
Midwest SS 9